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One of the Horses at Thornton Rose RDA

Monday, 5 November 2007

RDA - why I and so many others help...

RDA's aim is "to provide disabled people with the opportunity to ride and/or carriage drive to benefit their health and well being"

The RDA to myself is the most beneficiary thing I could ever have done as the looks on the riders faces when they are on their horses - yes their horses, with some disabilities repetition is essential so we keep the riders on the same horses.

I have been horse-riding since I was 6 or so and did lessons for many years and now I've got 3 horses and even though I love them to pieces - they can drive me mad with injuries or just rolling so much that their grey coats turn a lovely muddy brown colour! I have enjoyed being around horses so much and my weeks work experience at school (feels like a long time ago) at the local RDA in Summerston, Glasgow made me want to find my local RDA so that I can bring smiles to more faces! I have had so much fun and enjoyment of being with my horses and helping at Thornton Rose RDA.

You don't have to be someone who is knowledgeable about horses or have any experience as it is hands on and everyone I know are still learning everyday when they are with horses! There are various training days - I have only been to one which was at Muirfield RDA, to be honest I don't know how often the training days are as I have only been at Thronton Rose RDA for a short while.

The riders themselves at various RDA's have left stories on the national RDA website, click on the link to read their stories:

If you, like me would love to spend more time with horses (my horses are in Stirling) there is a share-the-care scheme at Thronton Rose where for a small fee (this covers some of the fees for the horse) you have a share in the horse you get on well with if you are accepted for the scheme and you exercise and give general care to the horses, a bond is developed, nothing is more rewarding.

If you have a horse, are a volunteer or part of the share-the-care scheme please leave a comment on anything you do with your horses or RDA.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

RDA volunteer tips

There is a link in the title which will take you to a page with different volunteer/riding tips. Please leave a comment by clicking on "comment" below so that you could put a point down that we could discuss and also share with people from RDA's accross the world!!

Exercises are extremley important for both horse, rider and volunteer! If you don't do any exercise as a volunteer and rider and you are going to more than just walking then (from personal experience) you are going to be in pain! Just ask people at my RDA, I was out with the horses almost every day for just over a week (between my own and going out for a ride with other RDA volunteers) and helping as a volunteer. One of the hacks I was out on with 2 others was the most difficult I have ever been on as everything was all great until we reached the first tunnel! Now to be honest I don't do that much sport but I do have to say that I have never worked harder on a horse in my life just to reach the end of the tunnel and was in so much PAIN by the next day! so exercise is essential...!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Fundraising for the RDA

The link attached shows how much everyone appreciates any money raised for the RDA. A very popular way of raising money at Thornton Rose is Partner a Pony Scheme as this allows the volunteers to look after and ride the horses when there are no classes on. What other fundraising ideas do you have?

Friday, 19 October 2007


RDA Today!

Helping others is one of the best ways to keep fit and gives you a great feeling inside. I help with the Riding for the Disabled(RDA) at Thornton Farm near Rosewell. Will put links up as soon as! Do you know of people who help or are disabled or do you have any fundraising ideas for the RDA in general throughout Britain?